Growing towards a sustainable
future together

It’s not about a sustainability strategy, but rather about a sustainable strategy

Duurzame toekomst

A sustainable future

As a leading logistics service provider, H.Essers wants to play a pioneering role in sustainable entrepreneurship. After all, success, in our opinion, is more than the sum of income and quarterly figures. Caring for the environment, for our employees and customers, doing business with tomorrow’s generations in mind, that’s what really matters in the end. That’s why, instead of implementing a sustainability strategy, we have made the conscious decision to implement a sustainable strategy. By making sustainable strategic choices, we can really make a difference and help shape a sustainable society. Impossible? Certainly not, because we can count on the support of our dedicated employees and partners worldwide. Together we make it transpossible! And sustainable.

Hilde Essers

Back in 1928, my grandfather, Henri Essers, laid the foundations of what our company is today. The company owned just one truck at that time. Today, the third generation is at the helm and we are now one of the biggest players in the European logistics sector.   Yet, one thing is still the same: we are one big family. And as a family, we take care of each other, of our customers and of our environment.

Hilde Essers, Chair of the H.Essers Board of Directors






tonnes of goods






Key figures 2021

we covered
466,200,000 km
of sustainable transport by road, rail and water

we completed
950,000 shipments
with success

we delivered
7,900,000 tonnes
of goods

we loaded and unloaded
12,700,000 pallets

we had
of specialised warehouse space

6,560 employees
going the extra mile

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