A sustainable future

Duurzame toekomst

Giving direction to a sustainable future

As a leading logistics service provider, H.Essers wants to play a pioneering role in sustainable entrepreneurship. After all, success, in our opinion, is more than the sum of income and quarterly figures. Caring for the environment, for our employees and customers, doing business with tomorrow’s generations in mind, that’s what really matters in the end. That’s why, instead of implementing a sustainability strategy, we have made the conscious decision to implement a sustainable strategy. By making sustainable strategic choices, we can really make a difference and help shape a sustainable society. Impossible? Certainly not, because we can count on the support of our dedicated employees and partners worldwide. Together we make it transpossible! And sustainable.

We have often been at the forefront of logistical developments, why should we not be able to do the same in terms of sustainability? In order to contribute to a valuable future for today’s and tomorrow’s generations, we are giving direction to a sustainable strategy today. And when you look at what our team has already achieved in this area and what projects are still in the pipeline, we can only be very proud.

Gert Bervoets, H.Essers CEO

Sustainability governance

In order to increase the support for and commitment to sustainability in our company, we have institutionalised sustainability governance. To this end, we set up a sustainability steerco which is responsible for everything related to sustainability. CEO Gert Bervoets is the sponsor and driving force of this sustainability committee, not in the least because of his personal commitment and conviction.

Key partners in our sustainability strategy

H.Essers’ policy and future perspective are based both on our own input and on the needs and expectations of all our stakeholders. They are an active and integral part of the company, and their identity, engagement and vision of our services determine the curve of change along which our business operations continue to grow. We have both external and internal stakeholders. Our external stakeholders are individuals, groups and organisations that are not involved in our operations on a daily basis. The internal stakeholders are our own employees, board members, etc.

Download the H.Essers Sustainability Report 2021