Collaborating with suppliers

Policy objective 3

Our ambition

We want to enter into a dialogue with our suppliers in order to improve the sustainability of their products or services and their operations. We are happy to share our own experience and support their efforts whenever we can. We take account of ecological and social aspects in our purchasing criteria as much as possible.

Our objectives and practical examples

Code of conduct for suppliers

In 2021 H.Essers will develop a code of conduct for suppliers, which will be successfully implemented at strategic suppliers as of 2022.

Preferred pharma carriers qualification audit

The pharmaceutical sector requires fast and extremely flexible services in line with the strictest regulations. In addition to our own specialised pharmaceutical transport, we work with external carriers to deal with peak moments. These carriers must first undergo a qualification process in accordance with the GDP legislation.

Integration of social or ecological regulations in supplier contracts

Inspired by our commitment to ethical entrepreneurship, we want to apply a sustainable strategy to both our own organisation and that of our suppliers. To this end, we intend to develop mandatory social and ecological regulations for suppliers, which will also be stipulated in our main supplier contracts

Download the H.Essers Sustainability Report 2020