Maintaining integrity

Policy objective 3

Our ambition

Integrity, respect and unconditional compliance with applicable standards and values are the foundations on which we built our business model. We want to reflect this in all our processes, in all employees and at all sites. Our name and reputation stand for good, transparent relationships and partnerships with all stakeholders, focusing as much as possible on long-term partnerships.

Our objectives and practical examples

Obtain a silver sustainability rate

In 2021 H.Essers wants to obtain the Ecovadis ‘silver’ sustainability rate and, as a minimum, maintain it. Ecovadis, the reference in Business Sustainability Rating, awards an annual sustainability score for ethical entrepreneurship. The assessment covers environmental, social and ethical performance.

Corruption policy

At H.Essers we have zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. We aim for honest and ethical entrepreneurship and under no circumstances do we enter into partnerships with companies that are not with us on this. In order to offer our employees and partners concrete guidelines, we have developed an anti-corruption policy.

Detailed Code of Conduct

We will further expand, document and strictly adhere to the existing Code of Conduct. It will include topics such as: anti-market distortion, data security, anti-corruption and bribery, diversity, discrimination, intimidation, child labour and forced labour.

Download the H.Essers Sustainability Report 2020