Managing all our sites sustainably

Policy objective 4

Our ambition

As one of the larger managers of logistics real estate in Europe, we take responsibility for the optimal use and maintenance of the resources made available. We invest and, where possible, take measures to reduce the ecological footprint of our operations and ensure balanced integration into the environment.

Our objectives and practical examples

15% of our site surface will not be paved

In the development of new sites, 15% of our site surface will not be paved and instead provided with green areas to aid the development of biodiversity.

Reusable heat

Isvag (intermunicipal cooperation for waste treatment) produces electricity with the heat generated by waste incineration. In 2019 ISVAG started with the construction of a sustainable heat network at the Terbekehof business park in Wilrijk, where one of the H.Essers site is located. In 2020 we officially took this heat network into use.

Corporate environmental policy for all our sites

The environmental policy will describe in detail how our sites will be sustainably organised: occupation of space, paved areas, including natural elements, reducing energy consumption and using renewable energy, reducing CO2 emissions, handle used raw materials sparingly, including water, and reducing waste flows.

Download the H.Essers Sustainability Report 2020