Managing our knowledge

Policy objective 2

Our ambition

We want to be a research-oriented organisation and make new knowledge accessible by sharing it with others. We are investing in high-quality processes, systems and resources to ensure quality and thoroughness.

Our objectives and practical examples

Investing in knowledge

Every year H.Essers organises 3 expert events for strategic customers and other shareholders, we send 3 segmented newsletters and publish 2 expert papers.

Sharing knowledge with strategic customers

For our strategic segments, we have been organising high-level expert events. These events, which do not serve a commercial purpose, inspire captains of industry to share and co-create knowledge. Afterwards, an expert paper is produced and distributed.

Platform for internal knowledge sharing

The exchange of knowledge and experiences strengthens cooperation and innovation. We will invest in a technological platform in order to collect, enrich and re-share the information with employees. This platform ensures that no knowledge is lost and creates opportunities for new insights and dialogues to arise.

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