Promoting employee motivation and engagement

Policy objective 1

Our ambition

Through an open corporate culture and communication, we aim to stimulate the team spirit and engagement of our people and to create support for our business objectives. This requires daily attention from our managers and the HR department.

Our objectives and practical examples

Improved job satisfaction score

The job satisfaction score from all our employees with regards to engagement and involvement improves by at least 5% in total (the survey is conducted every two years).

Corporate ambassadors: leading by example

To create support for new projects, we are appointing H.Essers ambassadors. They are volunteers, chosen across all functions and departments. They have a pioneering role, act as early adopters and are a sounding board for the various target groups in our company.

MyMindScan: a work pressure barometer for all our employees

e want to strengthen the mental health of our high-risk employees. Through the MyMindScan software solution, we map this health and give them personalised advice to better cope with stress and increase their resilience.

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