Providing a great place to work

Policy objective 1

Our ambition

We continuously pay attention to the well-being of our employees. We offer opportunities for growth and a challenging and stimulating work environment. This makes us an attractive employer for a variety of talented job candidates in a scarce labour market.

Our objectives and practical examples

Improving the job satisfaction score by 10%

The satisfaction score of our employees with regard to work content, terms of employment, work conditions, and work relations improves by at least 10% (the survey is conducted every two years).

Continuity and support during the corona crisis

In order to protect and motivate our employees to the maximum, our focus lies with our employees, now more than ever. We proactively add extra measures, we communicate intensively and transparently with all our employees and provide encouragement through our H.EROES campaign.

Safer and more comfortable stops for our drivers

Accidents are caused by drowsy drivers behind the wheel every year. At H.Essers, we insist that our drivers strictly respect the driving and rest times, and we make extra resources available for the well-being and comfort of our people.

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