Reducing other emissions

Policy objectives 5

Our ambition

In addition to our focus on CO2, we also want to continue to work on reducing noise pollution, odour nuisance, fine dust, nitrogen and all other forms of emissions that have a negative impact on the immediate environment.

Our objectives and practical examples

Emission of micro-dust reduced annually by 1%

The emission of micro-dust will be reduced by 1% each year as of 2021.

Adapted infrastructure to reduce other emissions

We take the necessary measures to prevent or limit odour, light and noise nuisance among employees. In doing so, we always comply with all legal standards and requirements.
Our employees are provided with PPE, buildings are lit efficiently, emissions from our heating systems are minimised, etc.

Preventive measurement of all types of emissions

We want to take care of the mental and physical quality of life of our employees and society as a whole. That is why we want to carry out preventive measurements on all types of emissions and, if necessary, take action to counteract any nuisance.

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