Reducing our CO2 emissions

Policy objective 5

Our ambition

Reducing CO2 emissions is a social priority. We are actively looking for solutions to systematically reduce our emissions. We do not only invest in energy-efficient infrastructure and buildings, but also in technology, such as modern, clean trucks. We want to share our knowledge with our sector peers. Where possible, we generate our own green energy.

Our objectives and practical examples

CO2 emissions are reduced annually by 5%

The CO2 emissions generated by H.Essers will be reduced annually by 5% per m² of warehouse space.
The CO2 emissions we generate from road freight transport decrease by 5% annually over the total distance (km) travelled.

Developing CO2-reducing solutions

By using alternative modes of transport and combining them in a smart way, we can increasingly realise the modal shift from road to rail and water. In order to further consolidate our synchromodal ambitions, we have our own rail terminal, water terminal, and we build trimodal sites and develop new and sustainable multimodal routes and networks ourselves.

Our ambition to achieve a CO2-neutral company

Firstly, we want to make CO2 measurable. Based on the baseline measurement, we look for reduction opportunities in four different domains: improving, avoiding, shifting and offsetting. This programme framework is in line with The roadmap towards zero emissions, drawn up by ALICE and is based on insights from Decarbonizing Logistics.

Download the H.Essers Sustainability Report 2020