Thinking and working with customer focus

Policy objective 4

Our ambition

We want to help our customers in deciding how they can make their supply chain more efficient and sustainable. The Customer Intimacy approach has always come natural to our company, ever since the early years. It means that we are very close to our customers and want to connect with them by understanding their needs, seeking solutions together, excelling in our services and investing in long-term sustainable relationships.

Our objectives and practical examples

The NPS score improves by 20%

As of 2020-2021, H.Essers will conduct a customer satisfaction survey among strategic clients in which the NPS score will be measured. This score will have improved by 20% by 2025.

Business Review meetings for strategic customers

Customer intimacy is central at H.Essers. For our strategic clients, we use a tailor-made strategy plan with an adapted service and development model. Depending on the type of customer, we organise our annual corporate Strategic Business Review meetings, the Quarterly Business Review meetings per business line and the operational Monthly Business Review meetings.

Encourage customers to reduce CO2 emissions

Our company intends to be a pioneer in CO2 reduction, and our aim is to actively involve our customers in this pursuit. The existing value creation format will be expanded to reach CO2-reducing solutions in co-creation. These solutions include multimodal transport alternatives, increasing the load factor and investing in offsetting.

Download the H.Essers Sustainability Report 2020