Training staff and stimulating their development

Policy objective 2

Our ambition

Our employees are the real engine of our company. Without their daily commitment, we cannot grow, we have no future. We continue to invest in their knowledge, so that they can thrive in their job, but can also benefit in terms of personal development.

Our objectives and practical examples

Investment in training

H.Essers invests at least 20 training hours per employee per year in all the countries where our company is located.

Training to become a driver

People without a driver’s license or a certain type of license can still be employed by us, because with our help they can obtain their C or CE license. In addition, they receive extra lessons to obtain their eco-driving certificate.

A personal development plan (PDP) for promising employees

To support promising employees, our company will invest in a personal development plan (PDP), which will allow employees to take control of their own learning process. It results in a continuous learning process based on the long-term goals of the company, current and future job requirements, their own functioning, and their professional ambitions.

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