Five policy objectives as a benchmark for a sustainable future

Creating sustainable added value

As a leading logistics service provider, we want to help shape a sustainable society. Our sustainability ambitions are therefore more topical and challenging than ever before. We have entered into a dialogue with all our stakeholders in order to arrive at five policy objectives which will be the foundations of our sustainability strategy. They are also in line with our corporate values and the United Nations SDGs to which we believe we can make a significant contribution. Together, they form the compass on the way to a sustainable future.

Policy Objective 1

Ensuring the mental and physical well-being of current and future employees
Taking care of our employees, our customers, and our society: this is one of the cornerstones of our policy. The logistics sector is exposed to many health and safety risks. We are absolutely aware of this. In fact, we are constantly developing initiatives to support and guarantee the mental and physical well-being of our employees and stakeholders. A safe working environment and a healthy lifestyle contribute to healthy and sustainable growth.

Policy Objective 2

Stimulating lifelong learning and sharing knowledge to promote development and research
We believe in people’s self-reliance and growth potential. By working together constructively, we ensure that they understand and are able to apply technical and technological evolutions. We think in terms of solutions and see lifelong learning and further training as a solution for the scarcity on the labour market. We train people to develop themselves and thus offer them new opportunities. Our investments in partnerships contribute to knowledge sharing, research and product development in our society.

Policy Objective 3

Encouraging sustainable economic growth and creating meaningful employment for all
We pursue a sustained growth strategy that responds to the needs of our customers in our strategic segments. We do this by anticipating and investing in specialised and high-quality solutions, systems and technologies. Entrepreneurship is in our and our employees’ DNA. As a family business, we have been providing fair employment, both directly and indirectly, at home and abroad since 1928. Through our activities, we also create jobs at other companies, in both the regular and the social economy.

Policy Objective 4

Innovation as a driving force to simplify our services and relieve our customers as much as possible
As a logistics service provider, we have sustainable sites and an efficient transport network in Europe for the benefit of our customers and society. Whenever possible, we simplify our operations by optimising our processes with new concepts, technologies and partnerships. We believe in innovation with concrete applications to continuously improve our services without making them unnecessarily complex. In addition, we invest in renewable energy and in increasing our efficiency. In this way, we take matters off our customers’ hands, allowing them to fully concentrate on their core tasks.

Policy Objective 5

Take rapid action to combat climate change and its consequences
We are committed to a sustainable society. We respect the law and act and communicate openly and honestly about our impact on the environment. In addition, we are constantly looking for alternative fuels and sustainable solutions to reduce our ecological footprint. When making new investments, we always investigate what the most eco-friendly solutions are. Society can count on us as a stable long-term partner.

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